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Bahubali Story

Raja Mouli - Prabhas-Bahubali

Raja Mouli – Prabhas-Bahubali


The news that Prabhas – Raja Mouli movie has been tentatively framed as “BahuBali” is making rounds in tollywood circles in the recent past. So, who is the Bahu Bali – what is his significance . According to Jain Mythology – ¬†Emperor Rishabha has 100 sons , the second son is BahuBali – a valiant strong person by nature. When Rishabha decides to handover the kingdom to the elder brother Bharatha who is wealth conscious and greedy – his sons not willing to bow before him as a ruler , they take up renuniciation [ Sanyasam ] except Bahubali who protests it . Knowing this , Bharatha wages a war on Bahubali . But to avoid bloodshed of many people for a family fued – the elder sections suggest both of them to go for duels face-to-face to decide the winner . The fight will be a traditional martial arts based Drishti yuddha , Jala Yuddha , Malla Yuddha . In the last duel – both the brothers has to hit each other with fists on head. The first blow from Bharatha almost knocked Bahubali to earth , but he gets up and while everyone knew that Bahu Bali [ A man with immense arm strength ] hits Bharatha – he would die for sure. ¬†Bahu Bali raises his hand to hit Bharatha , but could not do it as he felt his father’s name would be in black mark in history with brothers killing each other for land, wealth and Power. Instead of hitting Bharatha with his risen hand – Bahubali plucks his own hear and decides to join renunciation for the rest of the life. Seeing this , Bharatha feels humiliated and understands the value of life and shows a reformation.

Well, this is the story of Bahubali in the history folks… The story is really gripping and has all the emotions. We have to see if Raja Mouli picked this as story theme. If this story line is indeed true – then it matches the gossip that the story is based on two brothers as we hear in media circles. Rana would be playing Bharatha and Bahubali would be Prabhas.

Well, anyways – we all know Raja Mouli ‘s approach to marketing . He will tell the story in advance and prepares the audience with right expectations so that there is no disappointment from the audience.