Posted December 4, 2012 by cinesiren in Movie Updates

Naayak Review by SS Thaman – First Half Rocking with Comedy and Stunts



S S Thaman who is working as the music director of  Naayak made some sensational comments which would make the Mega Power Star Fans happy . He said that he has just watched the first half of Naayak and he liked it immensely and marked it as super block buster First half with hilarious comedy sequences with Brahmanandam and some terrific action sequences . He has not yet seen the second half of the movie . The first Song and the Subhaleka Rasukunna song are going to rock the audience.

Lets see if Thaman’s review will eventually be at par with the audience feedback once the movie is released. If so, Thaman would be the man all the reviewers would be running for to get the first hand information of the movie.