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Ram Charan Zanjeer Latest Updates – Best Scene of the Movie , Release Date , Item Song



Ram Charan in a exclusive interview about has made some interesting comments on Zanjeer .

The movie is expected to hit the screen across the globe in both Hindi and Telugu Versions on 10th May ,2013.

According to Ram Charan – the highlight scene is the confrontation scene between Ram Charan and Sanjay Dutt – The scene when Share  Khan [ Sunjay Dutt] visits the police station and Inspector Vijay kicks the chair .  The scene has come out exceptionally well in high Voltage.

Priyanka Chopra is working on a promotional song  for Zanjeer and the dance moments in the song are top-notch and the talk it would be even bigger hit Munni Badnam hai in Dabaang

Sanjay Dutt has given fierce performance in the movie and the scenes between Ram Charan and Sanjay Dutt will stand out.