Posted March 3, 2013 by cinesiren in Featured Post

Satya-2 is RGV version of Businessman ?



Satya-2 power trailer is out and as the way it goes ¬†with the trailers of RGV – the trailer is impact creating and raises the curiosity levels of the movie. Its amazing to see the speed at which RGV goes about his execution of the movie from inception to release. The latest offering Satya-2 is a bilingual shot in both Hindi and Telugu with different lead actors and he is getting the product ready in no time . A bilingual would need atleast 6 months to be ready even if the best of technicians work . But that is RGV for you folks…

Coming to the trailer of Satya-2 the movie is clearly on the lines of Business Man who comes to earns millions in Mumbai by setting up a company . The actual acts of this company can change -becuase RGV ‘s look of underworld is different from Puri.

Watch the Satya-2 latest trailer from RGV here :